Fortnightly Story: Motherhood

Renoir painting of mother on cane chair outside breastfeeding child
Pierre Auguste Renoir

When Sammy was three-and-a-half, the counsellor had made a “diagnosis”:  emotional immaturity.  My daughter’s eyes filled with tears when she told me the pre-school advised some outside help was the answer.  Sammy needs to learn to manage her emotions, the counsellor said.  The school will monitor her behavior. Continue reading

Fortnightly Story: Tom

man in black wetsuit riding a wave

May Ling steps across the skipping rope.  I’m waiting for her with her baby brother, outside the school hall, but she hasn’t seen me yet.   Every Thursday when she finishes her Hip Hop class I hang about with the other mothers and grandmothers and carers.  It’s a routine I enjoy—walking up here with the baby in the stroller and then chatting with May Ling as we walk home. Continue reading

Fortnightly Story: The New Baby

new born baby asleep in white cot


‘Being a parent is harder than being a Prime Minister,’ said British Prime Minister Tony Blair.  His 16 year old son had just been arrested after being found lying drunk on the footpath in London’s West End.

In the second month after the baby was born Kate came out to meet her mother wiping her hands on her grey tracksuit pants.  Kate’s hair was tied back off her face revealing tiny white milk spots above her cheeks.  Anny told her that already she looked so slim and good.  Kate ran her hand over her rounded stomach, arched her back and stuck her belly out at her mother.

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