How Do I Write a Book Press Release?

You wouldn’t believe I was once a Public Relations consultant with my own business. Here I am scrambling around trying to write a press release for my new book, ‘Lost In Cooper Park’. It’s many years ago since I worked in the publicity industry and so much has changed since then. I’m trying to remember how to create a gob-smacking, eye-catching, has-to-be-read press release.

My new book is soon to be released and I need to get it some traction. I’m with a small but prestigious publisher, Ginninderra Press. No budget for promotion. So here I go. I need to put on my left-brain thinking cap rather than the right-brain fiction writer/poet hat.

So, first things first. I’ll see what Google has to tell me.

Lots. Lots of info on Google and a template or two.

My book won’t be released until next month, so until I have a release date, I can’t send out the release.

In the meantime, I’ll try and find my Media List, hidden under a pile of papers, or named something obscure on my computer.

Apart from sending the press release out to the media, a press release needs to be included when you send out copies of your book for review.

One thing I learnt from my Google search is that I need to add my web site address. Damn! Now I’ll have to update my website too.

The marketing side of being a writer never ends. We all hate it. We’d rather be in our dark caves creating new stories and poems.

I’m at my writing desk now attempting to compose a first draft of the Press Release following one of the templates.

Wish me luck.

Any marketing tips you’d like to share?

Writing the book was the easy part 😦