Poem: Between the Islands of the Pacific

sky, clouds, rising sun over Pacific Ocean

Not that most of us are in a rush to sign up for a cruise any time soon … but here is my poem, BETWEEN THE ISLANDS OF THE PACIFIC, first published in Quadrant magazine June, 2018. It’s sort of relevant to the current situation. Hope you enjoy it.


Between the Islands of the Pacific


Because by now we know everything is not so blue

out here.


The cities had tipped rubbish into the sea,

and we let them without even noticing.


Not even feeling our breathing clear

as gusts reaching ten knots cleaned up our days.


Not even. Today pure blue sky, blue sea,

out there the horizon drawing a line

below the clouds, the absoluteness of it. Nights

of diesel engines shuddering beneath us.


We lounge on chairs side by side on the deck.

At dusk, we stand at the railing of the ship as the sun

slips into the ocean. In the fresh sea air, their backs turned,

some raise a selfie-stick or light a cigarette while others

stand holding their breath.


Where can we go from here, and how?


Copyright © Libby Sommer 2018


2 thoughts on “Poem: Between the Islands of the Pacific

  1. Oh, I remember my last cruise… 2 years ago.. to the ‘New Caledonia Islands’…

    Eleven Shades Of Ocean Sunrises

    The ocean’s sunrise
    my daily prize.
    Evoked my gaze
    like a Paris stage play.
    Mother natures
    star performer.
    Her razzle and dazzle
    upon morning sea drizzle.
    Reflections of colour
    Her horizon of valour.
    Purity defined
    her face aligned.
    Endless over time
    Eleven days she was mine.

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