Stories From Bondi

painting of girl lying on beach in torquoise bikini reading a book

I posted another manuscript off to my publisher this week. It’s titled ‘Stories From Bondi‘. I completed an earlier, much shorter version of this book as part of a Masters in Writing at UTS back in 2001. Fingers crossed Ginninderra Press like this collection.

I’ve mentioned before how it took me 18 years of writing and 5 completed manuscripts before I finally had a book accepted by a publisher.

So now I have a small but prestigious publisher  Ginninderra Press who like my work I’m submitting my manuscripts backwards:  numbers 5, 4 and 3 have been published: ‘My Year With Sammy’, ‘The Crystal Ballroom’, ‘The Usual Story’.  Number 2 is ‘Stories From Bondi’.  80% of the short stories were first published in literary journals, including Quadrant and Overland.

Writing a book is a long, long, time-consuming process that requires a super-human amount of persistence and perseverance and dedication to the craft. It’s such a buzz to finally get my work out into the world.

blue manila folder titled Stories From Bondi by Libby Sommer

4 thoughts on “Stories From Bondi

  1. You have copyright of your stories, and it makes sense to publish them as a collection. If anything, having had 80% of them published in prestigious journals is a + for publishing. We are following the same trajectory! GP are publishing my childhood memoir next year, and I have another one waiting in the wings. Keep us posted.

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    1. great to hear from you Christina. thanks so much for putting my mind at rest. it’s what i thought, but great to have you confirm that having 80% of my short stories published in prestigious literary journals should bide well for publication of a collection. good luck with publication of your memoir, and the next one in the wings. 🙂


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