Writing Tip: A Change of Pace

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I’m very excited to have my poem BETWEEN THE ISLANDS OF THE PACIFIC in the June 2018 Quadrant  alongside some great poets including Les Murray, Barbara Fisher, Craig Kurtz, Geoff Page, Dan Guenther, Gabriel Fitzmaurice, Graeme Hetherington. Just received my copy.

It’s refreshing to have a change of pace. I’ve been having a break from working on long narratives by working on shorter pieces: prose poems, flash fiction, micro fiction, etc. Very gratifying to have one (so far) accepted for publication.

The poem was inspired by a cruise I did earlier this year with my family. At the time I thought I could write a book length story set on a ship, but, as things turned out, couldn’t find enough material to write a long fiction. But I was able to write a poem instead. For this I am very grateful.

Writing poetry, a synopsis or a book blurb are all good things to have to do in terms of improving our ability to compress or distill an idea. Having to get our message across in just a few words. Instagram is a useful for this too. One sentence to connect with our followers. And Facebook.  The very short forms are a good discipline for us writers.

I belong to an excellent weekly feedback poetry group. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to get my poems to that next level of being at a publishable standard. From good to very good. Many gratitudes.


What about you? Do you experiment with different forms or genres? I find it helps to keep the feeling of desperation at bay. Will I ever be able to write another word? Do you have a perspective you would add? Let me know in the comments and please share this post with a friend if you enjoyed it.

15 thoughts on “Writing Tip: A Change of Pace

    1. good idea to submit your work Ivor. glad i’ve been able to prompt you to do this. if you get rejected, it’s a good idea to have the next envelope ready and post off elsewhere. keep a record of where you send poems and keep sending them out until they find a home. good luck.

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  1. Hearty congratulations! Keep that forever. My book, Born in a Treacherous Time, was just selected as one of 35 reviews in Kirkus’ magazine. I can’t wait to see that! I love writing for the sake of it but there is something about knowing your work is appreciated by a larger audience, isn’t there?

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    1. that’s wonderful news Jacqui that Born in a Treacherous Time has been selected for review in Kirkus. fabulous. reviews are so essential for getting the word out about our books. and yes, absolutely agree that we don’t write to have our work sitting in the bottom drawer. we want to get it out there. a terrific vallidation of ourselves as writers to get our work published 🙂

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    1. what a good memory you have Annika. yes, Quadrant, a prestigious Australian literary magazine publish my short stories and poems regularly. i feel very blessed. i don’t send out to other publications now, as Quadrant take my best work. the Literary Editor is the poet Les Murray, nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature twice. he’s rejected much of my work, as well as accepting some of it. can’t ask for more than that 🙂

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      1. Wow! Libby, this is incredibly impressive and with such success no wonder you don’t send out elsewhere! I haven’t heard of Les Murray but will look him up. Oh yes, I sometimes have too good a memory … I remember so much, going back to childhood! I’m one of those annoying people who corrects people about past family or friends events when deep in discussion! I can still see/hear the ongoings! Happy Writing and Publishing! 😀🌺

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  2. I know what you mean about changing things up in your writing routine. I write for children and also do some work for hire writing again for children, but that is in a different format that my own creative flow,t its a fun challenge and I think helps my writing fresh.

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