Poem in Anthology

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red book cover of Wild anthology

Wow! Exciting news. I’m delighted to say my poem BRONTE BEACH has been selected for inclusion in the Ginninderra Press Wild Anthology. The anthology has been edited by Joan Fenney and includes 159 talented poets from across Australia exploring the many facets of ‘wild’ – human, animal, environmental and metaphorical. The book will be launched on 7th July as part of the Ginninderra Press 10 year celebrations in Port Adelaide. I’ll be in Adelaide reading my poem at East Avenue Books in Clarence Park at 2pm on 8th July. Would be great to see you then.

17 thoughts on “Poem in Anthology

    1. thanks Ivor. no, my poem is not on any of my sites. i don’t tend to put my work ‘out there’ until it has been published in print. good idea though. maybe when i put a post together on the launch of ‘Wild’ with pictures, I can include the poem. thanks for the idea 🙂


    1. thanks Jacqui. yes, i will take pictures at the reading and at the launch. good idea. words and images are our tools of trade. just have to do the images more often and put them out there 🙂

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