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the city of Lisbon, Portugal with sea and sky in the background
Lisbon, Portugal

One of the ways we can get noticed as writers is to enter writing competitions. You can join local and international writing groups and associations that send out newsletters letting you know when, what and where to enter.

I can’t remember entering this particular competition, or where I saw the information, but I am thrilled and delighted to tell you that an excerpt of my WIP, Lost in Cooper Park is a runner-up in 2018 Disquiet Literary Contest.Β  There were over 1,000 entries. I have been awarded a partial scholarship to attend the Disquiet International Literary Program in Lisbon, Portugal. Such exciting news.

The judges said of my entry:

“… an excellent domestic psychological drama, reminiscent of Sally Vickers (The Other Side of You) written in beautiful, striking prose. It has an incredible memorable opening. The author has a voice that is unique to her and that, at the same time, is particular to the narrative. The story moves between places and narratives with deftness, knowing precisely when to leave a thread open and when to pick it up again.”

Whoo hoo.

I recommend staying up to date with competition deadlines. This keeps you motivated to finish a piece of writing by the date specified. Subscribe to writing groups and newsletters that alert you to closing dates. I am a member of the NSW Writers’ Centre, Society of Women Writers’ NSW, Australian Society of Authors, and other writing groups on Facebook.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Woman walking through Cooper Park with her dog.
Cooper Park


17 thoughts on “Enter Writing Competitions

    1. thanks Jacqui. no, i’m not going to the conference. a shame, but i live far away in Australia. i would still have to pay for airfare and accommodation. Lisbon is very hot in July too. and i’m in hospital just now in recovery from a joint replacement. a bit soon to be flying for 24 hours and a bit too hot for my sensitive self. plus i’m booked to go to France at the end of the year for a month on my Writing-Retreat-for-One on the Cote d’Azur. so … all things considered …. have declined. they’ll give the money to someone else. but i can use the wonderful praise in the judge’s report to try and attract a publisher for ‘Lost In Cooper Park’.

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  1. Big congratulations. It’s a pity you won’t be able to attend the conference. Lisbon is such a lovely and lively city. I hope you recover from your operation quickly and completely. Best wishes.

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    1. Thanks so much for your good wishes. Yes, a big shame I’m not going to Lisbon, I’ve heard it’s wonderful. Maybe another time. If you look at the Disquiet website you’ll see they offer a writing retreat on a nearby island. Maybe I’ll do that one year, instead of my annual visit to France.

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  2. Yeah!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Congratulations, LibbyπŸŽ‰ I am so happy for you and wow, the comment from the judges is fantastic and must have given you such a boost. And what a fantastic pricze, Lisbon is a wonderful city to visit and to top it all, to receive the advice and help of writing program is a real boon. Enjoy and happy Writing!, 🌺

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    1. thanks so much Annika. it’s always wonderful to receive your enthusiastic responses. good to know that at least one person reads my posts from time to time πŸ™‚ yes, the comments from the judges has given me a huge boost. you know how it is, trying to get one’s work noticed. and even though i’ve had two books published by a small but prestigious publisher, and a third one coming out in the next couple of months, i was feeling despondent that i wasn’t able to attract a medium-sized publisher for WIP, Lost In Cooper Park. i didn’t know whether to attempt to write another book, as my strength is in the short form. anyway, i’ve written half a page and decided on a title for a new WIP. the title is The End Of It All. i’m in a rehab hospital just now recovering from a joint replacement. i have first proofs with me of my third novel, The Usual Story, but can’t bring myself to look at them yet. how are you going Annika? i didn’t know if i’d be well enough from the op to travel all the way from Australia to Portugal to accept the scholarship and had to give them an answer by 8 April. so i had to decline 😦 i’ve put Lisbon on my must see list though.

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      1. Libby, I’m so sorry to hear you won’t be able to come to Portugal to accept the scholarship but hope you make it to Lisbon sometime. Fingers crossed your rehab is going well and you are soon strong enough and in the right place to look through your proofs. You seem to have a lot on the go.

        I am well and have been busy promoting my book – doing a few local talks now which is a boost. Also still editing my novel…but in the midst comes life! My husband is struggling with a bad knee (football-related) and been waiting for an op since October. Although he is managing work more has fallen on me, then I’m helping a friend to sell her house and also sorting out for my son and visits to universities – the applications need to be in this Autumn. Exciting times … but still writing and editing! Your posts are always interesting, well-written and informative.

        Warmest wishes and hope you’re soon all better. Annika xx

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      2. a lovely message. thanks so much Annika. good to know what’s happening in your world. thanks for sharing. a full rich life with work and family.

        lying here in the rehab hospital, i gave more thought to getting to Lisbon. i contacted Disquiet and asked if i could defer to 2019. they said yes. so looks like i’ll be going to Portugal next year. as i have recovered sooner than expected from joint replacement i also asked if i could change my mind about taking the scholarship up this year. at the moment there are no openings, but if anyone drops out they’ll let me know by the first week in May. so it’s Lisbon in either 2018 or 2019 for me. very happy πŸ™‚

        best wishes Annika for book sales, editing the novel, managing injured hubby, your friend’s move, sorting out and universities for your son. it’s all go by the sound of things.

        warmest regards and best wishes,
        Libby xx

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  3. Congratulations, Libby. What an honor and I love the way they described your writing, wow. I haven’t entered any book competitions and I know I should. You’ve motivated me to look around for ones for the new book. Thanks!

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