Publication day!


The Crystal Ballroom red and black book cover

My second novel, The Crystal Ballroom is released today! If you’re in Australia you can order a copy from your favourite bricks and mortar bookseller or directly from Ginninderra Press. Print and ebook editions are also available from Amazon, Book Depository and other online booksellers.

‘Libby Sommer lays bare the foibles of human nature in her finely observed stories of love and loss in the singles dance scene. Brilliantly drawn with wit, compassion and poignancy, the characters you meet in The Crystal Ballroom are sure to remind you of someone—maybe even yourself.’ – Jan Cornall, Writer’s Journey.

 ‘Libby Sommer exposes the secret lives of the singles who dance at The Crystal Ballroom. Authentic and powerful, this unique book will be loved by the dancers and readers.’ Frida Kotlyar, ballroom, Latin and Argentine tango dancer.

 ‘Libby Sommer’s fiction has wit but is essentially serious with a subtle but strong underlying pathos, a wry humour and accomplished satirical tone.’ – Amanda Lohrey, Australian writer, and novelist. Patrick White Award winner.

‘Sommer’s existentialism is one of the best and most articulate voices of middle age angst ever.’ –Richard English, novelist and Visiting Lecturer, Brunel University London.

The book will be launched at Collected Works Bookshop in Melbourne on 1 July. Details to follow. If you’re free, come along.

I hope you enjoy reading The Crystal Ballroom: stories of love and loss in the singles dance scene. I’m very excited that My Year With Sammy and The Crystal Ballroom are out there in the public arena – thrilled that my work has finally made it out into the world after all these years.

17 thoughts on “Publication day!

    1. thank you so much Joyce. great to hear from you. i have given you a thank you at the front of the book. you and two other of my mentors: Amanda Lohrey and Jan Cornall. what is your address? i could post you a copy. or, if you are in the Blue Mountains during the SWF at the Carrington, we could meet you for a coffee. i’ll be in Katoomba 28 May – 30 May. you may still be in U.S. or suffering jetlag at that time though 🙂


    1. oh, Ellie! that’s marvelous. thank you so much for your enthusiasm. so so appreciated. it’s a tough gig this writing business. i’m overjoyed, of course, to have a second book accepted. 🙂

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  1. Wow! Fabulous Ellie that you’ve got the book already for your Kindle. I don’t know what you’ll make of it all. My daughter said to me, ‘If i read the book, do you think I’ll need counselling afterwards?’ I said, ‘Maybe.’ We were both joking, but I don’t know what reaction people will have to the stories I tell.


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