Update: The Crystal Ballroom

the legs of a man and a woman dancing tango

I’ve posted the corrected first proofs of ‘The Crystal Ballroom’ back to Adelaide publisher, Ginninderra Press. Final proofs next step in the publication process. In the meantime, we are putting together reviews for the back cover.


I love this one received recently from Jan Cornall, Writer’s Journey:

“Libby Sommer lays bare the foibles of human nature in her finely observed stories of love and loss in the singles dance scene. Brilliantly drawn with wit, compassion and poignancy, the characters you meet in the Crystal Ballroom are sure to remind you of someone -maybe even yourself.”

Jan’s quote gives a good description of the contents of the book. Such a hard thing to do in just a couple of sentences.

Would you, or someone you know, be interested in reading a book about this topic? 

p.s. this picture is not the book cover.

Header image: Creative Commons

9 thoughts on “Update: The Crystal Ballroom

  1. Lovely comments from Jan Cornall. Yes, I would read a book of stories about ballroom dancing because of the possibility of intrigue, romance and interesting relationships between characters. The Crystal Ballroom with music, rhythm and exotic dances sounds just such a place where this might happen. I look forward to reading this book.

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      1. It seems Dancing with the Stars has maintained its staying power on TV, So You Think You Can Dance as well, not to mention the turmoil that exists in Dance Moms is also popular. All three have lived a very long time on US television.
        So it seems, at least in the US, we are attracted to dance. 🙂

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    1. thanks so much, Liz. much appreciated. my debut novel, ‘My Year With Sammy’ (Ginninderra Press) was Spectrum Books Pick of the Week last year and the winner of the Society of Women Writers Fiction Book Award 2016. fingers crossed for ‘The Crystal Ballroom’.


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