First Proofs

book cover of Dancing Backwards in High Heels by Christine DarcasFirst proofs and mock-up of the cover of my second book, ‘The Crystal Ballroom’ have arrived. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t looking forward to rereading the manuscript. It had been rejected by publishers so many times I’d lost confidence in the story. That is, until Ginninderra Press, a small but prestigious Australian publisher said ‘yes’ in April, 2016. Anyway, I sat myself down yesterday to quietly reread the story and, surprisingly, I liked what I had written. I could see what I was trying to say and the themes I’d woven through it.

The mock-up cover looks great. As good as (or even better than) ‘Dancing Backwards in High Heels’ (pictured here) by Australian author, Christine Darcas published by Hachette in 2009.

La La Land movie poster

And now that the movie ‘La La Land’ has won so many awards, there is a renewed interest in dancing. So my new book may be timely:  the story of the hopes and dreams of the characters who dance at a fictional dance hall in western Sydney.

A couple more months till publication of ‘The Crystal Ballroom’.

Looking good 🙂

14 thoughts on “First Proofs

  1. that’s so funny. such a co-incidence. yes, it’s a nerve wracking and exciting process at the same time. i was very worried i would hate my manuscript. but it’s not too bad after all (i think). am waiting for reviews for the back cover.


    1. unfortunately, that cover and title is not mine. i was posting another writer’s book cover in the lead up to the launch of my own new book. am trying to drum up some interest before the book comes out 🙂 so far, my cover is a secret.


  2. It happens, even to the best:-

    “When I read the proofs of a new novel—which is the last time I will read or even glance at it—I approach it with one eye closed, so to speak, thinking, God, what am I going to find here? And I find horrors, horrors that can’t be fixed. Everything in the text now seems hopelessly flat and deadened. Where I imagined a dancing rhythm, I find clumping and stumbling.” – John Banville

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